Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday To-Do List: Things That Students Will Do During the Holiday Season

I am pretty sure that all of us have done at least some of these things during the holiday season. Hopefully you can relate to many of them but if not... well, BLAST!!

1. Count down the number of days/sleeps/exams/assignments until your Christmas holidays begin and post such information in real-time on all possible forms of online communication such as: MSN Messenger, Facebook, etc.

2. Travel back home via bus, train, or a ride in someone's car who you may or may not know. The further the drive, the more the excitement builds about Santa's night of annual delivery.

3. Get together with your old high school friends and try to one-up each other through the telling of various irresponsible feats accomplished at university/college such as: who drank the most in the shortest period of time, the best phallic-shaped snow sculpture, number of exams that were failed/slept through, and how you're so smart you don't even feel compelled to attend class.

4. Try and act all smart in front of your relatives during Christmas get-togethers while your father keeps asking what good a degree in philosophy will accomplish. Coincidentally, he'll call you a "dumbass" in true Red Forman fashion.

5. Warm up to your Grandmother and tell her about how much you're learning and experiencing new "things" at university. As soon as she's tickled pink with attention, you'll quickly sneak in a request for more money (because you love her).

6. Pack up lots of leftover holiday dinner in containers to take back to residence. You'll be sure to guard it with your life and attempt to ration it as far as possible (less original cooking for you that way).

7. Count down the number of days/sleeps until your Christmas holidays are over and post such information in real-time on all possible forms of online communication such as: MSN Messenger, Facebook, etc.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas, everyone!

P.S. 3 more sleeps until Santa comes!

Friday, December 12, 2008

How You Study For Exams And What That Says About Your Personality

Students at Nipissing University have found many ways to study for exams. Here I'll give a breakdown of some of these strategies and what they might have to imply about your attitude toward life.

Cramming the Night Before
I'm sure we've all been here. But really, nothing says you'll be a life-long slacker like trying to absorb as much information as possible the night before an exam. Obviously you don't take life seriously. You'll end up being a workaholic trying to get that quarterly report done before it has to be on your superior's desk the next morning. Double trouble: you like to brag that you crammed the night before, know nothing about the material, and then somehow find a way to blame the professor for the irrelevance of the class. Nice try, Sally.

Studying in Groups
Obviously you have no individuality if you take part in group study sessions. You rely on others for not just support but to do most of the work. Your attitude in life is to take as much and give as little as possible. But, you'll conceal this fact by trying to seem knowledgeable about the material at hand. What you don't know: others in the group can see right through you and will try to cut you loose at the first opportunity.

Reading and Re-reading Lecture Notes Well Before Hand
OCD, anyone? It is apparent that you are too meticulous of a person to care about anything else. You like to do things repeatedly. You like to do things repeatedly. Even though you've gone through your notes numerous times, you still seem to forget a few pieces of information. The insecurity of knowing that you didn't absorb everything will drive you over the edge.

Highlighting the Important Points
Selecting the important stuff by using colour, are we? Well nothing spells Social Darwinism better than being a racist person now does it? Apparently you know so much about the material that you can distinguish between relevant material and "filler facts." Sorry, my friend, all you're doing is trying to separate the wheat from the chaff. You're one to make quick judgement of other people due to your superiority complex. Sorry about your insecurity, Truman.

If there is anything that you should have learned while studying for final exams is that they are bad things that create bad people. You don't want to be a bad person, do you? So tear up that exam paper and walk out the door with your head held high knowing that you are smarter than everyone else who things they know what they're doing.