Thursday, January 29, 2009

NUSU Executive Elections well under way

That time of year has come once again. Nipissing University students will be heading to the polls in less than one week to decide who the next 4 individuals will be to lead the student union into the next year. In this post I'll briefly discuss the candidates in case you haven't been able to meet them or read their platforms. The candidates have tables in hallways, have been doing many class talks, and wear promotional T-shirts, and sometimes even smile! I welcome your respectful comments and feelings about the candidates and their ideas.

Marianne den Haan is currently the VP Student Life and is running in an uncontested race for President. Pretty much a win here unless something drastic happens that would upset the Yes-No ballot. Although she has nearly one year under her belt she'll still have a learning curve to meet regarding academics and Senate regulations and providing a mature model of leadership for the union. Priding herself on transparency regarding finances, she has made high incidental fees a key issue of her platform. Marianne's Facebook Group

Vice President External
Anna Fitzsimmons is running in her second election after becoming the Humanities Delegate. You'll recognize posters of her crouched in a clothes dryer alongside her platform stance on running an effective Shinerama fundraiser campaign. A 3rd year student, she wants to promote the Health Plan and Awareness Team activities. Anna's Facebook Group

Amanda Lytle is a new face to student politics at Nipissing University. She's running on a platform of reducing or freezing tuition fees or at least bringing awareness to the high cost of university education along with actually attending CFS meetings. She also has plans for a better Health Plan with more coverage along with making the Awareness Team more of a presence on campus. Amanda's Facebook Group

Vice President Internal
Ryan Lahti not only looks like MacCaulay Culkin, he is seeking to abolish the controversial Writing Competency Test, claiming it's redundancy and high cost. He is also promoting a higher profile of student clubs and more awareness of academic regulations. Ryan's Facebook Group

Jon Jefkins is back for his third run at the position hence the phrase, "Third time's a charm, Jon!" With a lengthy platform on issues from clubs to campus safety, he is also seeking to implement surveys to evaluate the student experience and effectiveness of the student union. Alumni and education students also find a place in his platform along with a greater awareness of academic rules and regulations. Jon's Facebook Group

Vice President Student Life
Cole Fournier returned to Nipissing this year after taking a year off to attend Canadore College. Since the campaign began, he's moved from a launch of a clever video to basic platform ideas surrounding the massive task of planning Frosh Week and establishing a "Nipissing's Got Talent" night. He's also been a Frosh Leader. Cole's Facebook Group

Lisa Hutchinson is running her second campaign after winning the Social Sciences Delegate position this past fall. After winning the Top Female Frosh Leader award in September, she certainly brings spirit and enthusiasm to the position. She has an extensive platform dealing with the Food Bank, Street Team, and wanting to plan better events throughout the year. She also tackles the recycling program, or lack thereof, here at NU and has a desire to change it. Lisa's Facebook Group

Trina Prince is running in her second campaign for this position after being narrowly defeated by Marianne den Haan last year. With much experience with residence events, she desires to plan a great Frosh Week, formals, and ensure the success of the Food Bank. She prides herself in experience and previous campaign experience. Her slogan, "TP for VP," is written on squares of toilet paper that double as fecal matter wipes. Trina's Facebook Group

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nipissing University announces new female President

Today Nipissing University announced who the next President and Vice-Chancellor will be for the institution. Perhaps along the same lines of the hopeful change inspired by current President-elect of the US Barack Obama, this NU appointment breaks ground in what some groups would term "shattering the glass ceiling." Nipissing's next President will be female. Dr. Leslie Lovett-Doust will be moving to North Bay this year in time for a July 1st start. She is moving from Michigan Tech where she was Provost and VP Academic Affairs. Prior to that she was a dean of Lakehead University. Plus, she's also a Scot!

Lovett-Doust will be succeeding current President Dr. Dennis Mock; a familiar and always smiling face on campus. Prior to this new appointment NU had 4 Presidents, all of whom were male. Dr. George Zytaruk is the founding President of NU who was later succeeded by Dr. Anthony Blackbourn. Dr. David Marshall, former Dean of Education, became President for a number of years and was succeeded by Mock.

The new President faces many challenges and opportunities coming into the job. A new visioning process will be initiated where the institution, through individuals and groups, will ask itself what it wants to look like in 5-10 years. Currently, NU prides itself on being a primarily undergraduate university with strategically developed graduate programs (an M.Ed and an MA in History) and with more on the way. Along with many build projects that will transform the physical look of our campus, the President will be the one to guide the institution through the next 5 years of development and excellence. Please join me in welcoming Dr. Lovett-Doust (pictured below) to the Presidency!