Monday, August 18, 2008

9 Things to do Before Moving to University

With only a couple of more weeks before university begins, there are a few things that you should do before making the trek to North Bay to begin your university career. There are many helpful hints and tricks out there. Here you’ll find the checklist to end all checklists. Well, maybe you’re not as convinced as I am. But before hugging Mommy and Daddy goodbye, ensure that you have the following bases covered.

Do the following things to prepare yourself for your first year of university.

1. Hoard all of the toilet paper that you can. This stuff is worth more than gold and vanishes like hotcakes in your suite in residence. Bonus trick: hide a couple of rolls at random (truly random that is - every spot gets an equal chance) places in your room. This way a final search for TP will not end in vain. Simply brush off the lint and reshape that roll from flat to round after you find it under your bed, and you’ll be Ruler of the Throne. The same goes for dish soap and sponges.

2. Write your name on everything you own. This includes the black marker that you used to do this task. Don’t skimp on this one. Individual eggs and slices of bread are not to be ignored. Always remember the golden rule of residence life: if there’s no name on it, it is free game.

3. Buy the most unique yet personality-matching beverage container that you can. Sometimes the price is not worth it, but in this case the end justifies the means. You’ll always be remembered as that kid with the “sick drinking cup” during weekend social hours. Way to brand yourself young lady.

4. Digital camera. Buy one.

5. Change your e-mail address to something less elementary school-ish. No one wants to accept a new friend on MSN whose e-mail is or, do they?

6. Keep the high school stories at high school. At Nipissing University you’ll meet new friends and create new memories. These are the stories you’ll want to tell over and over.

7. You’ll probably want to pick up one of those mini-fridges for your room. They come in pretty handy. Get them quick because Wal-mart moves those things like crazy during move-in weekend.

8. Buy one of those big dry erase calendars. You’ll barely use it but it takes up some neat space on your wall. This item will also complement your dry erase board on your bedroom door. It won’t record legitimate messages, but your friends will definitely make use of it.

9. A tool kit that will hold the basics including Robertson, Phillips, and slotted screwdrivers, small hammer, pliers, and others. You never know when you’ll need these items and you’ll be glad that you have them.

If you can think of any others feel free to post a comment. I’m pretty sure these 9 will do the trick though.


Matt Bradley said...


Matt Bradley said...

...WITHOUT A TRAINED GUIDE. (Msg me for a guide list)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, I definitely agree with #4, Digital camera. Yees, digital cameras are the most important items than anything else for the college students.

Anonymous said...

Those mini-fridges consume incredibly large amounts of energy for such small units, take up space, and are generally unhelpful. They will serve as dust collectors more than as drink coolers. Just learn how to share space in your main fridge. Really, you don't need individual cartons of milk for every resident. LEARN HOW TO SHARE.

Matt Bradley said...

^ I don't think you've ever lived in residence.

J-Lynn said...

Fridges are key, i used mine the entire time i was in uni. residence and off-campus housing. it's a must if you like cold water, and things not eaten that you most certainly enjoy and want for yourself. also, it's a great way to hold all that extra booze you'll have on weekends that no one has anywhere to put once your communal fridge is full of everyone else's that came over to your place!!!!

Anonymous said...

I use the big fridge - the outdoors. And in summer I buy ice. Also, bottled water is just another way to massacre the environment. And jugs of water in a mini-fridge are just ASKING for trouble. No, take my advice: mini-fridges kill. The only responsible way to live in residence is to move out of residence. Also, what's WITH residence, anyway? How come everyone who lives there is so whiny and miserable all the time? I think it's because of the lack of sharing. SHARE YOUR MILK, KIDS, and feel the love! Also, stop wasting energy.

Big Green Giant said...

Aha. Now we have some lively discussion. The battle between extra appliances and convenience wages. One thing that annoys me: fridges being left wide open no matter what size they are. Close the door in between moving stuff in and out and don't leave the room with it wide open! There is an advantage to those grocery store fridges with clear glass doors: you can see what you want to take before even opening it. Perhaps this concept could be applied to residential refrigerators?

Anonymous said...


the name's athena said...

number 3 made me chuckle, because it's never know what sort of personalized inanimate object will help establish one's identity in university. for me, it was actually my pink fridge. half a dozen frosh leaders discovered it upon moving in and for weeks later, complete strangers would strike up conversations about my rad pink fridge.

as for my cup? of course i had one. it was a juice jug with a giant plastic straw and my name and address written on the outside in pink sharpie [in case i got so drunk i could not find my way home].