Monday, August 11, 2008

Nipissing students to detour around construction

In the ever growing desire for Nipissing University to constantly move forward, students will likely be diverted off their main travelling paths through the halls of the academic institution due to ongoing construction projects.

As we grow, our university has somehow found itself in vicious cycle of development and increasing the number of students beyond holding capacity. New professors will be tag-teaming office space with their more senior counterparts, walls are being knocked out to make room for more photocopiers, and the next step may have student desks stacked on top of each other in a single classroom; remember that episode of The Simpsons of Springfield Elementary cutbacks? In order to avoid the latter, students will have to roll out of bed a couple of minutes earlier than usual in order to detour down less travelled paths. But hey, was it not Robert Frost who said take the trail less travelled? (Google: Robert Frost The Road Not Taken (1915).

There are three main sites that you’ll have to redraw your maps around, record your travel time, and still be able to grab a breakfast coffee:

1. Crooked Staircase by Student Affairs
Have you ever avoided those ridiculous angle stairs due to your lack of co-ordination or desire to remain above sea-level? You may have cut down that narrow hallway just to the left of them (previously the home of Human Resources). Well, before walking into the wall that now blocks that hallway, don’t! What are your options? You can take the next narrow hallway before the Dean of Education’s office or wrestle with those stairs at your own peril.

2. Back of the Cafeteria to the Geography/1st Floor A-Wing
Don’t be caught at this location in the near future. You just might find yourself recruited by construction workers who are building the latest academic/research wing that will attach A and H wings. The steel framing is being installed this week and next. Alternate route? Take the hallway leading to shipping/receiving and Print Plus. It may reek of cleaning supplies but it can’t be much worse than that raw fish your roommate left in your fridge for two weeks.

3. The actual cafeteria itself.
Right now some renos are happening in the main cafeteria that resulted in closing off the entire food service area. Will they be complete in time for the herd of students in September? The last I heard, construction was a week behind due to a scheduling mix-up with the floor jackhammer operator and the plumber. The project began at the end of July 2008. The upside? The Aramark folks are grilling up some mean Debrazini sausage on a bun on the temporary outdoor BBQ.

Note: First year students won’t have to worry that much as they’ll need to get familiar with their new surroundings regardless.


Matt Bradley said...

Surprise surprise. Construction construction construction. What the heck is next!?

Anonymous said... away all my "secret" routes to class wassink? haha! well, thanks for the update anyways.